Should You Consider a Home Listed Above its Market Value?

Imagine you see a home advertised for sale in a desirable neighbourhood. However, you find out the property is listed well above comparable sales in the area. In other words, above its market value.

Is that listing still worth seeing?

There are many reasons why sellers might list their property for a price that seems way above the market. The home might have highly desirable features that make it worth a premium, such as a spacious backyard or a finished basement. Or, the seller might assume (often mistakenly) that listing high will result in higher-priced offers.

In either case, the home is likely worth a closer look, especially if it otherwise checks most or all of the boxes on your wish list.

If there are additional features that have driven up the price, you may find it’s worth that premium — particularly if those features are important to you.

What if the high price is artificial? Then, chances are, the home will ultimately sell at close to its actual market value anyway – regardless of the list price. So, if you make an offer that reflects the real value, you might win.

The bottom line? These listings are usually worth the time to investigate further. So, schedule that viewing appointment!

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